Mom Fucks Son

It’s a story about a son and his mom, a son who turned 18 last month, and mom 38. I don’t know why this happened to me. I had born in a small town where our family, dad, mom and me lived for 13 years. But five years ago my dad and mom decides to separate out. I decided to live with mom, as she was helpless at that time. After two years of their divorce I left our town for my graduation. Up till now all the things were going normal. The relation between mom and me was same as every other mom and son. There was nothing to worry. I had not been there with mom for more than one and half year. She invited me for Christmas Eve but I couldn’t manage to go, that time I promised her that I will be there on 26th of Jan for her 39th B’day.

On 25th Jan my mobile rang it was moms no on the screen, she reminded me of my promise and invited me. At last I was there in my hometown after almost two years for moms birthday. Mom opened the door to welcome me; she welcomed me with a hug and a lip kiss. That was the first time mom kissed me like that she always kisses me at forehead or chick. I took wash and start for preparation for birthday celebration. After that mom brings the drinks we take our drinks till 12 a.m. Although I don’t want to drink too much mom gave me glass after glass by saying it is the last one. At 12 mom cut the cake. After some time we share some past and I went to sleep.

I changed my cloths I usually wear only shorts while in bed, I was totally tired so I jump in the bed and fall asleep quickly. After some time I woke up with a noise of knock on the door. I opened the door and oh my god it’s my mom who stood completely naked in front of me. I was aback. After entering in my bedroom by holding me tightly and she started kissing me. At that time I was completely shocked. I don’t understand what to do next. She touched my face and looked into my wide spread eyes and said, “No baby, I didn’t come to drive you crazy; I think I came to love you.” With all my force I pulled her and separate out from my body. But it doesn’t help she was determinant. She wants to fuck me.

She told me how much she wanted me to be hers and said, “I am for you baby, for my sweet Ishy…mommy’s pussy is only for you baby…I’m your lover, your mommy, I’m your pussy.”

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She pushed me I fell on the bed, then she came with a bed cover with which she wanted to tie my hands. Finally she tied my hands to the bed. I was on the bed with hands up position. Then she pulled off my shorts. Now I was naked with maximum erection of my rod. I was ashamed and embarrassed. But mom –NO LOOKING BACK. She touched every inch of my body, and kissed from top to the bottom. I cant protest all I could manage was a weak, “Please don’t fuck me…mom…please don’t fuck me.” she was boss at that time. “I won’t Ishy, I won’t…just this time…let me suck this beautiful hard cock” I acquiesced with my silence. She took my cock out as I slept on the bed. The time she hold my cock I don’t want live any more. Oh my god, believe me she hold my cock in her mouth and start sucking it as she was doing it for the first time. The first cord of hot cum hit moms neck and the second splashed all over her mouth. Almost in delirium her tongue licked my juice. It seems she delighted in the taste of mine. When I was finished, I went down to the floor when she loosen my tied hands with my eyes closed for what seemed an eternity; I was afraid to look at what she’d done to me. We remained in silence until I heard moms voice, probably filled with hot insistence say, “All right you bastard…you’ve got me crazy too. Now bring your big cock over here and finish what I started.”

For few minutes she slept over my body. After some time the feel of my mother’s body touching mine burned itself into my sensory awareness and my cock is erected again, she sat on my completely erected and hard cock start jerking up and down again I am cumming my second spurt lubricated the way to our orgasms. It was almost like a yelling match as we both came. Even after coming her pussy held me so tight she continued stroking me as she called to me, “Ishy…Ishy…fuck…yes baby…my baby…so good for me baby…so good.”

Now her speed was increased and finally my gun shoots. She was satisfied for that moment but I don’t know for how much time it remains. My cock is paining, it was my first time. She whispered to me, “I’m in love with you.” In the few hours before dawn she rest in my arms with her hand gently resting on my penis.

She held me for a long while afterwards and she told me that she had what she needs now: her son, her love.

After that night I didn’t let mommy kiss me, touch me or come near me. I told her I loved her and I didn’t blame her but I needed to come to grips with this thing that was going on between us. She said, “I understand son, but I’m never going to stop loving you and wanting you and needing you.” That didn’t help.