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My Mother is a very beautiful woman. She’s five feet five inches tall, and her measurements are 38-24-36. My Mother has long curly red hair, and green eyes. She has the sweetest smile, and the warmest personality. Myself I’m 18 years old.My name is Derek Beaudry and I stand six feet two inches tall, and I have a nice body due to all the swimming I do. I forgot to mention that my mother is only 34 years old, since she had me at a very young age. I never knew my father. My grandparents gave my mother the house we live in, and helped her to get on her own two feet. Our household is a very liberal one, since you can walk naked through the house if the desire takes you. It was a very hot summer, and even with the air conditioner I was uncomfortable, so I usually walk around naked in the house. This was my last summer to hang around the house doing nothing before I went to college.

My mother worked at a law firm, and had to dress in a very professional attire. I loved seeing my mother in pantyhose and a skirt. Her long legs and perfect ass were meant for such attire. When my mother came home from work that night I could tell she had a very hard day at the office, and since I was home all day I decided to take care of her, and pamper her like she used to do to me when I was young. I was naked at the time as I approached her at the door to greet her. I gave her a kiss, and told her to just relax because I was going to treat her like a queen. I picked her up into my arms, and carried her to the bedroom. She was all too willing to let me take care of her, and rested her head onto my chest. I stood her up and began to unbutton her blouse one button at a time. I unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the ground.

My mother was so beautiful in her bra and pantyhose, and my cock began to fill with blood at the site of this lovely woman. I unhooked her bra and removed it. I saved the best part for last. I bent down before her to remove her pantyhose. I could see her pubic hair through the material, and my mouth watered. I slowly removed her pantyhose and made sure my face was leveled with her pussy mound. I told her I wanted to give her a massage in the shower, and she almost melted into my arms, and a tear came to her eyes.

I knew I had to be extra good to her tonight. I stepped into the shower behind her, and using hand soap I massaged her neck and shoulders. I caressed her breasts and ran my hands up and down her body. I spent a lot of time massaging her back, and thighs. I wanted to rub the tension out of her body. I slowly began to wash her pussy, and rub my fingers over her clit in a small circular motion. I could tell she was enjoying herself, and I loved giving her so much pleasure. Just then she bolted straight up and came on my hand with such force that I had to hold her up until her orgasm ran its course. When she came to her senses she told me that should not have happened, and told me to leave right away. I was horrified at this moment, and hoped that she would not be mad at me.

My mother stayed in her room for a long time and I paced the halls with my hard cock swaying with the tempo of my movements waiting for her to come out of her room. I started dinner for us as a way to make amends, and was greeted by my mother hugging me from behind. She told me not to worry about what happened, since she was not mad at me. My mother was wearing a tank top that hardly covered her naked pussy, and I was able to see her ample cleavage in all its glory. My cock was semi-hard, and I just grabbed my mother to give her a big hug. I lifted her off the floor and pulled her close to me. My mother wrapped her legs around my waist, and I just kissed her on both cheeks over and over again, since I was so glad that she wasn’t mad at me. My mother’s pussy was right on my pubic mound, and my semi-hard cock was in the crack of her ass, but she did not say anything. My mother told me to let her down, and in the process of doing that her pussy rubbed along side my cock, and her breast bounced in a very sexy way before my eyes.

I told her to take a seat, and that I will serve her dinner, and wait on her hand and foot, because she is still queen for a day. I put her dinner before her, and stood by her side waiting for her to finish. At the end of dinner I brought in some dessert on a platter, and my mother not looking grabbed my cock and pulled on it thinking it was her dessert. My mother’s face turned bright red, and I told her not to worry about it. At the end of dinner I cleaned up and joined my mother in the den to watch some television. I sat on the couch and patted the sit next to me for my mother. I could tell she was tired so I told her to lie down on my lap. I stroked her hair and in time she drifted off to sleep. She rolled over on my lap so that her face was in line with my cock which was rock hard at this time. I just continued to stroke her hair, and watch television. My mother’s hot breath on my cock felt so good.

My cock was touching her right on her mouth, and I felt her tongue lick my cock head which sent shivers up my spine. My mother just started to suck on my cock head as I continued to stroke her hair. At this time I began to play with her pussy again by inserting my fingers into her love canal, and playing with her clit. My mother came on my hand for the second time that day. I had to use all of my will to push her off my cock head. I wanted to take her to bed, so she could rest. I again lifted her into my arms like she was a child, and she wrapped her legs around my waist again, but this time my already hard cock went right into her pussy. It felt so good to be in her pussy as I carried her to the bedroom. The way I was walking I was able to slowly slide my cock in her pussy as I went. My head was spinning from all this excitement. I lowered her into the bed, and slowly fucked her for a few minutes before I got up to leave the room. My cock actually hurt from all this stimulation with no release. I reminded myself that she was my mother, and went to bed after a cold shower of course.

The next day I stood naked in the kitchen as I prepared breakfast for us. The thoughts of last night came rushing to my head, and I just stroked my cock for some relief, and I came into my mother’s sunny side up eggs. I was just about to throw the eggs away when my mother came into the room stark naked, and hugged me from behind again. She took the eggs from me and said she loved having messy sunny side up eggs. She took a seat and began to eat her eggs which I just came into a few minutes ago. I stood there like an idiot as she ate the eggs. My mother looked at my semi-hard cock that had some moisture on the tip, and told me to hold still as she cleaned off my cock. She grasped my cock in one hand and took a wet napkin to wash it. She kept squeezing the tip to clean the head of my dick.

Mom could not believe how wet it was, and when she was done she kissed the tip of the dick, and patted me on the butt. I watch in horror as she ate her eggs, and I could not help but notice when she picked up what was without question my sperm on her fork and put it in her mouth. She told me that was the best eggs that she ever had, and I nearly fainted knowing that she just swallowed my sperm with her eggs. After breakfast I followed her down the hall to the backyard. Without warning she bent over to pick something up, and I ran into her from behind and my semi-hard cock slid a couple inches into her pussy. We both laughed at what happened and continued to the backyard.

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Once outside my mother got playful and smacked me on the arm and ran for the shed. I immediately ran after her to get her back. The vision of loveliness that ran before me made my head swim. Her lovely heart shaped ass bouncing before my eyes almost made me cum alone, and when she turned around her breasts swayed perfectly in the hot summer breeze. I caught her by the arm, and said she will have to be punished for what she just did, and in one motion scooped her into my arms and drew her close. Her legs once again wrapped around my waist, and I could feel the dampness from her pussy as it made contact with my pubic hair. I decided to twirl around in a circle with my mother in my arms, and I made sure to rub her pussy against my crotch to really make her hot. She kept laughing and told me to stop, but I was determined to continue until she came on me again. I did not have to wait for long. I twirl one way and rub her pussy against me the other way, and then I heard her scream with joy, and I felt her juices run down my cock and onto my legs. All that twirling made me dizzy and we both fell to the ground to catch our breaths. My mother just happened to land her head by my now engorged cock, and while she was collecting herself my cock was rubbing against her face. She sat up and we both laughed again. I loved my mother, and I loved the games that we were playing with each other.

Later that day as I was sitting naked on the couch my mother decided to join me by laying her head in my lap again. My cock got rock hard again in no time and was heading straight for the ceiling. As I looked at my mother my cock was in perfect alignment with her mouth as she talked with me. She commented on how hard it was, and asked if it hurt. I told her just a little but not to worry about it. I kept feeling her hot breath on my cock, and I had to adjust myself while she rested her head on my lap. I told her that my balls were caught between my legs and without missing a beat she grabbed my cock and moved my balls for me, but she was not done with just moving them she had to hold each one and kiss them while she made soft musings to herself. I took advantage of the situation and told her my cock head felt funny, so without a word she took it into her mouth and sucked on it for a few minutes. I just happened to insert two fingers into her pussy to play with it, and enjoyed the sensation. Without warning she just stopped sucking my cock head, but I continued to play with her pussy.

I was looking into her eyes as she once again came on my hand. She ran from the room, and I was once again left with a raging hard-on which I stroked with my hand that was covered in her cum it did not take long to blast what seemed like a bucket of cum onto my chest and hand. I needed to wash up so I headed for the bathroom, and ran into my mother on the way. I was not able to get out of her way fast enough and we both wound up on the floor. She saw that I was covered in cream, and thought it was her hand lotion. She proceeded to wipe it on my body in small circular motions. I could not believe that she was really playing with my cum, and rubbing it all over my body. I told her I really needed to take a shower and she offered to give me one just like old times, and I agreed. My mom has such a gentle touch and I loved every minute that her hands caressed my body. After she thoroughly cleaned my upper body and legs she said I was on my own for the rest. I reminded her that she was supposed to wash me just like old times, and that meant everything. She taught for a moment and agreed. Her face turned a bright crimson as she slowly began to wash my cock and balls. I told her to use her hands to really get them clean.

My mother kept stroking my cock and played with my balls as I shot a load of cum onto the wall of the shower. At this she really got upset and ran from the room. I finished the shower and cleaned the wall and joined her in the den. Mom looked very upset, and I immediately told her not to worry about it, since I did not give it a second thought. She smiled at me and jumped into my arms and wrapped her legs around my waist again. I put both of my hands on her ass, and I let her hang lower than usual so that her pussy was right on my cock as I continued to reassure her, and tell her it was alright. I then put her down, and she kissed me goodnight and grabbed my cock and yanked it twice to show me she was okay with the whole situation.

The next morning I was enjoying myself by the pool with a raging hard-on when all of the sudden my mother comes running towards me and straddles my lap and places her skirt in such a way as to cover my naked lower body. In her haste to cover me she did not position my cock to lie flat against my body so here I was with my cock inside my mother to the root. I was just about to say something but my mother told me to be quiet and just then her beautiful friend from the office takes a sit across from us. My mother made some small talk with her and they both start laughing and my mother can not get my cock out of her pussy because her friend will know, so I just lie still and listen as the two friends talk. When my mother talks she also uses her body to express herself. So in time my cock starts to move in and out of her pussy, and there is nothing we can do about it.

I love the way my cock feels inside her pussy, and in time I feel that I have to cum, but I can’t tell mom about it for fear of her friend finding out, so I try to refrain but in seconds I’m coming what feels like buckets into my mothers pussy, and she just smiles at her friend and continues to laugh with her jokes. Finally my mother’s friend has to go and gives me a kiss on the cheek to say goodbye. My mother jumps off my cock and runs into the house with tears in her eyes. I follow her right away, and hug her close I tell her it wasn’t her fault. As I’m hugging her my semi-hard cock is right by her pussy mound, and I kiss her on the cheek. Finally she smiles and all is well again.

One night my mother was drinking way too much, and I told her to stop but she just stuck out her tongue and drank some more. She was sitting in the kitchen when the phone rang, and I had to answer it, since she was in no condition to talk on the phone. My friend Mary from school called and we were shooting the breeze when all of the sudden I felt my cock being sucked. I looked down to see my mother sucking on my cock and playing with her pussy at the same time. Mary thought we were alone and she always likes to tease me on the phone my talking dirty, so when I sounded excited she thought she was working me up in a lather again, but it was my mother blowing me that had me on edge. Mary was telling me how pink and wet her pussy was as she played with her clit as my mother kept sucking on my cock. I decided to play along and tell Mary that I was stroking my cock but in reality my mother was giving me the best blow job in the world.

I looked down to see her long curly hair, and I pulled my dick out of her mouth and pretended to be talking to Mary when I said “you really want to suck my cock” I wiped my cock all over my mother’s face as Mary kept talking dirty to me, and slapped my cock on my mother’s tongue, and made Mary beg to let me put my cock back into her mouth. My mother was begging me for my cock, but I waited until Mary played along and said she wanted my cock in her mouth. Then I let my mother continue to suck on it. Mary heard my labored breathing and she knew I would need to cum soon, so she really laid it on thick. She kept moaning and talking dirty as I shot my load down my mother’s throat I told Mary to swallow it, but I really meant for my mother to do so, and when the last drop was gone I took my cock out of her mouth, and rubbed my cock all over my mother’s lips. Mary broke in at that moment as said that was great, and asked me if I came.

I told her that was the best, and thanked her for a very hot phone sex session. I hung up the phone and looked at my mother who kept looking at my cock. I told mom to bend over the table and I started to lick her pussy, and play with her clit. When she came I put my cock into her pussy and really started to fuck her. I grabbed her breasts from behind and massage her nipples as I fucked her pussy. I kept telling her that I love her, and within moments I shot the biggest load of my life into her pussy. When I stopped cumming I pulled my dick out and told mom to suck it. I love the way my sensitive cock felt in my loving mother’s mouth, and stroked her long hair as she sent shivers up my spine.

The next day my mother was hung over and asked for some orange juice and aspirins to help with her headache. I decided to cum into her juice and watched as she swallowed my load along with the pills. I sat next to her and put her head in my lap so that my cock was resting on my mouth as I told her I love her. I ran my hand up and down her body and slowly pushed my cock into her mouth. She protested for awhile but I told her don’t worry we love each other, and with that she began to suck my cock, and we continued to love each other from that day forward.